Follow the Rainbow
22.12.20 — 15.01.21
Group Show Curated by TZVETNIK at ISSMAG, Moscow
Find a crockpot of butter
And eat it
Look around
Go into the woods
Go back
Dig up treasure
Witness a bean tree growing
And a rainbow on the rear glass frame
Become upset
Grow a bean tree
And pretend like nothing happened
Installation view
Untitled, 2020, glazed ceramics, 17x17x29 cm.
Installation view
Alina Brovina, Yaroslav Levitsky, Kristina Matveeva, Sasha Nesterkina, Yuri Otinov, Andrey Pokrovsky, and Sveta Tsepkalo

Photo by Kristina Matveeva / Processing by Ilya Smirnov